Who is Ashley?


Personal Background

My father an honest, hardworking man who has many talents and gifts. As a child, I was first introduced to business with my fathers used car dealership he owned.  I was constantly making recommendations on bookkeeping, customer service, policies, and procedures.   Because of my young age,  I was not taken very seriously, but over time I have earned the respect.  My grandparents and family also have rental properties; where I have learned many useful traits.  I have installed roofing, flooring, drywall, and rebuilt my first engine before the age of 15.  My mom gives her whole self to all she does.  She was a successful real estate broker for over 15 years; where I was able to learn much from her office as a kid.  She now works for a local non-profit helping the community; where I also sit on the board. She is the best person I could imagine for the job.  She has inspired me to get involved in the community, giving back some of my talents.  

As a child I would question teachers, parents, leaders, and even my priest to help my understandings.  Not with rude intentions, but for purpose of personal growth.  I was often in trouble for my outwardly way of thinking but I have learned to respect my different wiring.

I have always been a tough kid.  I must fully understand intentions and processes in order to be successful.  This does not mean I need all the answers, but I must know reasonings so I can develop my own processes.  I do not want to reinvent the wheel but just like to repair any leaks or patches from the pot holes life leaves us with.  I was and am always pushing boundaries, to be better, stronger, smarter, or as I have come to respect most.. EMPOWERED.  

Work Background

I have done so many things.  It was never clear for me what I wanted to "be" when I grew up until recently.   

I found I do not work well in franchises where I have to use others procedures because I am constantly looking for more efficient/profitable solutions.

I opened my first company around my 18th birthday.  I opened a Notary/Closing company that I still have today.  This company has been open for 14+ years and was once my center and only focus, which has decreased substantially in size in order for me to explore other more passionate opportunities.

I have had much success working for other small business owners, but found that I took their businesses more seriously than they did and was running their companies myself very quickly.  This is the dream for the entrepreneur, I wish I could find another of me!  However, I was not getting paid properly for my time, so started looking elsewhere.

I have been a licensed notary, insurance agent, mortgage broker, financial advisor, title insurance agent, bartender, cook, nanny, maid, executive assistant, and managed multiple businesses at once.  I have even owner-operated a Mexican restaurant where I was literally the only employee when no one showed up for work.  I have experienced so much in my work history that has given me the experience and  I am able to share with others.

Current Businesses

Today I am most proud of my son and being Mom to Giuseppe.  He is my most prized possession and am so grateful for him and my amazing husband for giving me him and always supporting all I do!  

I spend most of my time as the President/Owner of Jumpin Wheelies- a NWI Party rental company specializing in inflatable bounce houses, tents, tables, chairs and so much more.  I have turned this company into a reputable, honest, safe, and sound company.  We are one of the few companies in our area that are safety certified, insured, A+ rated company with BBB, 5 star company on Facebook and Google as well as have strict sanitation procedures with non-toxic natural cleaners.  We go out of our way to do what is right to the children, parents, then us; in that order.  I work so hard to maintain and train our staff to represent  our company with integrity and maintain our strong good name.  Our company morals and values are very important to me as a leader to teach others to lead by example not follow the leader.

I am a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA.  I have been able to learn so much about my personal health journey and how doTERRA has been able to help me be a better business person through finding a healthy lifestyle balance that I love helping others find as well!

You may learn more about my previous health struggles and current regimens under the health page.  

Exploring Empowerment

There are so many things that define our character.  I wanted to share with you just enough to relate to me and understand how I think and am able to juggle all i do and enjoy every min of it!

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